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Has to start a travel blog…

Leisure Time

In October 2012, I learned I had won a dream trip to Norway!  So, my husband and I decided to start a travel blog which would include our vacation to Cabo, Norway, etc…

Stay tuned!

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Won a Trip to Norway!

Things just keep getting better and better!  I am still trying to process this information. It appears that I have won a dream trip to Norway!

The images captured on this trip will surely end up as paintings.

Please visit the link here to see what Visit Norway has to offer and be sure to ‘like’!


I recently mentioned to a photographer friend of mine that I am thinking about doing some self-portraits. His immediate reaction was to offer his makeup artist and all of his best photography equipment.

I was apalled.

I understand that he was only offering up his entourage to be kind; however, I also understand that this offering came from a place of deep confusion as to why someone would do a self-portrait.

At the time, I simply declined the offer.  I felt it would be too difficult to try to explain the purpose of self-portaits in general and the reasons people paint them in a sound byte.

First, as a painter, I like to travel light. The idea of photography equipment, makeup artists and whoever else seems superfluous. Second, I would attempt to paint a self-portait so as to better learn the technniques and to really see myself as I really am.  It would be done to seek out the truth. Not smoke and mirrors and PhotoShop.

Lastly, I have no need for PhotoShop…or PaintShopPro.

Those programs are based on activities I can do with my hands. So if I do not like a blemish on my face, I have no need for a makeup artist or PhotoShop or PaintShopPro.

It was this feeling of shock that led me to seek out more education for myself…because I never want to lose sight of the foundations of art in this world of smoke and mirrors.

The process of not painting

In the past couple of months, despite my wishes and plans to paint more, I have actually done very little painting.  Since I have a post that speaks to the process of painting, I thought I would include a post about the process of not painting, because in fact, I have been doing very little painting!  And the guilt is killing me.

First of all, it is time for my list of excuses: hours at work, weddings, engagement parties, working out,





There, now you have it.

Nor have I been writing poetry, or journaling, or any of those other activities which are considered more introverted.

In short, I fear I have become an extrovert.   This is a major shift for me.

I am not exactly sure how to handle this.  But I am having a lot of fun, and perhaps we can all agree to call it “Creative Networking”.  After all, I am exposing more people to my gallery and physically showing them the artwork that is already created. That can’t be all bad – can it?

Pastel Figure Drawing/Painting