“Reflections” was completed a couple of years ago, before I had ever heard of the term ‘lyrical abstract’ painting. Yet, I would describe this small painting as exactly that. I was inspired to paint from a dream I had had and this was eventually the result.

I began the painting with some cadmium orange as the underpainting. I wanted to ensure that when I scraped away subsequent layers, a little dazzling contrast would shine through. I believe this, in part, is how the reflections were achieved along with the strategic use of white.

There were times when I worked on this piece at 3am. It possessed me occasionally. The painting is small but mighty and took many hours to complete. 

I believe it was worth it.



Underpainting “revolution “

I finished the underpainting for what will eventually look like rusted metal-abstract. This is based on a dream. I’m hoping I can execute it in a way to do the dream justice.

Doing this Old-masters style with glazing for color. The darks will be very dark.



I had a dream about revolution last night and I have to wonder now….if I could represent revolution as a painting, what would it look like?

I can’t wait to find out!

Twisted Tree