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Master Copy- class update

In class tonight, it was decided that I would continue to work on the painting from the Jane Jones book. I started the painting 5 yrs ago. It needed a little rework on the plums’ under painting, but otherwise, I just need to start darkening the shadows with glazed color. I can’t wait to start that next week!


Took a ‘Stab’ at Knife Painting

I have been meaning to try knife painting for quite some time, and last weekend, I finally did.

I chose a spot in my backyard which wasn’t in the sun and decided to paint a blue pot full of zinnias and petunias.  The canvas the painting is on is only an 8×10, so getting details would be difficult.  But, I have been yearning for the looseness that I imagined knife painting would provide.  It was sheer bliss!

I encourage everyone to try it, especially if you want to have a looser feel to your paintings or if you just want to try something different.

I only used the three primaries plus titanium white.  Many times, these were mixed directly on the canvas.

It is like painting with butter.

Zinnias and Petunias
Zinnias and Petunias